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Canada’s favorite security seals

Bolt seals Or Cable Seals !!!

Protection is a key issue for the storing and transit of critical commodities given the worry we have today with terrorist activities, cargo burglary and sabotage. Safety seals are useful instruments to prevent and identify illegal entry, robbery or manipulation. However, there isn't any simple universal solution to the security seals, just like other things. Various kinds of seals are better suited for various activities or under specific situations. Below are the two most commonly used seals in Canada

Bolt seals.

Bolt seal are a type of high-end security seal solution, developed via a sophisticated clamping system. They are self-locking, which means that special tools are not needed to place them. They are very simple to set up too. They feature a metal bolt as well as an obvious portion of the casing, which are connected mechanically to a make a robust seal. They are configurable for extra protection levels via color, pattern and bar coding. Such seals are perfect for containers, trucks and for international trade and transit. These heavy-duty seals need proper bolt cutters for an effective removal.

Cable seals.

Cable seals are long-lasting seals used to seal valves, lock doors and other objects with a tiny hole by which a wire may be entered. Certain cable seals satisfy the ISO 17712 safety standards and may thus be utilized in high-end safety circumstances like global freight transport. Various activities in varied sizes need different cable lengths, but surplus cable length may simply be cut. They are also available in various cable sizes, usually between 1.5mm and 5mm.

Key Takeaways:

Locks are a pivotal part of our life, whether they are our phone passwords or of houses. Nobody compromises on security. Similarly, investing in some good quality bolt seals can prevent us from losses worth millions of dollars when it

comes to business.

Worlds oldest seal can be found on King Tutankhamun tomb

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