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How bolt seals can help in loss prevention from trucks and containers.

Updated: Jan 11

Why Bolt Seals Exist !!!

Using bolt seals has become a necessity these days. Theft from containers and trucks can cause a huge loss to the business. There is a loss of about 15 billion $ annually as a result of theft from containers and trucks.

Bolt seals, however, can help prevent or reduce the chances of theft. There is a wide variety of bolt seals available in the market. Depending on features, requirements, and pricing.

Bolt Seals:-

Bolt seals are one of the most commonly used seals for locking the container or trucks. These seals vary in size and way of working to adapt to the type of container or truck. Bolt seals have heavy-duty steel covered by temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant plastic. And they have a complicated locking system but still with self-locking ability. While the opening mechanism is more convenient. Also, there is no need for gadgets for opening and closing the seals. Bolt seals

are easy to install and convenient to use.

Container and truck bolt seals are found in several colors. Usually, every shipping line has its color. Companies can also order seal bolts with customized logos. There are almost six points on a container door where you can put on a seal. Higher barrier security truck bolt seals are usually applied to trailers. These truck bolt seals are an exceptional choice for trailers for across border line transportation. It is because they are a tampering deterrent and can

be detached through-bolt cutters.

Advantages Of Using Bolt Seals on Trucks and Trailers

When containers are stored in the warehouse, there are chances that consumers can add or steal products they don't pay for from the container. In this case, bolt seals will protect the products as the consumers are not experts at opening container bolt seals if something is already stolen from the container and won't be able to open the container. A damaged or tampered seal will indicate that the goods have been stolen / tampered with and the company can proceed with its official process of complaint and or demand insurance if necessary, except in the case of a customs portal checking.

Due to high-quality plastic and steel in bolt seal manufacturing, any signs of tampering are easily recognizable. Sometimes products are packed in a way to prevent contact with the air. If something is already stolen from the container and the doors are not closed in the same way again, there are high chances of goods coming in contact with air and getting damaged. So using container bolts can prevent not only theft but also from damaging the products. Bolt seals have their specific serial numbers, which help identification in case of tampering or fraud. The serial number must be identical to the lading bill given to the clients. In case of a mismatched number, the client will immediately notify the business owners.

Key Takeaways:

Locks are a pivotal part of our life, whether they are our phone passwords or of houses. Nobody compromises on security. Similarly, investing in some good quality bolt seals can prevent us from losses worth millions of dollars when it

comes to business.

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